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Come take a look around! This is my mental vacation from everyday life. I love creating things and have been grooving to my inner art diva since I was a child. In addition, I have always loved nature and creating art - and now I have been able to merge both of these into one colorful, unique and beautiful wearable art form!

In addition I am a stay at home mommy of an adorable daughter, am married, have a degree in Psychology, and love to read Paranormal Romantic Fiction in my free time.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Relaxation Time

1. Sick child with massive ear infection
2. Friday night 9:30 PM - crying nonstop - child taken to ER
3. Saturday morning 4:30 AM leaving the ER
4. 7 hour wait time to see a Dr.
5. Magic prescription for the pink stuff acquired
6. 3 hours of sleep
7. Take truck in for scheduled service at 9 AM
8. Drive home, grab Krispy Kremes and some coffee
9. Arrive home, take 10 Etsy orders to Post Office
10. Daddy asleep on couch, mommy returns home
11. Mommy emails all customers, attends to new orders, and updates feedback
12. Mommy takes shower and washes her hair, Daddy still asleep, child bouncing off the walls
13. Time to go pick up truck - Daddy wakes up
14. Mommy needs a nap

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Four Eyes

My baby has to get glasses! Oh no!!

I knew this was coming, but I didn't think it would be this early. I got glasses in 2nd grade and so did Johnny. So we knew it was only a matter of time before our little girl became a 4-eyed cutie. She's only in Kindergarten, but already the teacher has been noticing that Maren isn't seeing well. She's had to stand up and walk to the board to be able to see. So they sent a paper home letting me know she needed to see a Dr.

Today we took her to my ophthalmologist and sure enough, she's already at about 20/60 in both eyes. So after about 2 hours of lots of different tests we walked away with a glasses prescription and a healthy eyes diagnosis (whew!). Maren has already picked out some really cute Bratz frames. They're black with red on the interior, and flowers down the sides. Really really cute!! Thank God they make frames trendier than when we were kids. I still have nightmares remembering how nerdy I looked as a young kid. However Maren looks downright awesome with her new frames - I can't wait till they come in and I can show you pictures! Her frames look a lot like my frames shown below.

Me as a kid - I thought I could find a photo of me with glasses already uploaded into the computer but I was wrong. I think we're around the samge age (6) here.

We'll soon be a 4-eyed family! =D

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today my family and I planted some beautiful freesia and jasmine by the front of the house. It smells so yummy now! I wish I could roll in it, LOL.

And we're also thinking of a bathroom remodel, too...hmmmm...spring break can be hazardous to your wallet!! =D

I love spring. ♥

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Stuff

I haven't posted any new creations of mine in awhile, so here's some photos of the latest stuff. =D

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ok, so I went to see Watchmen this weekend. I've never read the comic before, so I wasn't really familiar with the storyline. However it looked like a good action flick... so me and the hubby decided to have a night out.

So the 1st thing I noticed when I sat down at the theater is how many parents were there with their kids. And I'm not talking teens, I'm talking 5-10 yr. olds! I was SHOCKED. I knew this was an R-rated movie with lots of graphic violence, nudity and sex. What the heck were they THINKING?!

So the movie begins and my husband and I were mildly entertained. It turned out to be a tad longer than we would have liked. Either that, or it was too drawn out to really capture our attention. But I think the main thing that really took away our enjoyment of the movie was seeing all the kids sitting around us watching the graphic violence, gore, a rape scene, nudity and pornographic sex. I was horrified. It really made me think about why a lot of children are out of control in our society. Little kids can NOT process adult movies like this one. I just can't understand what parents are thinking when they do these types of things. I have a 6 yr. old, and I would NEVER NEVER take her to anything like this in my wildest dreams.

So in sum, the movie was OK - but I would have much rather watched Paul Blart Mall Cop or something similar that made me laugh and feel better after walking out of the theater instead of depressed and worried about America's children. :( Anyone else relate?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogging is Work

Ok, I have been reeeally lazy about blogging lately. But thanks to Britten, I have been persuaded to pick it back up again. More to follow...must go to bed now! =D

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

BELLA ROSE Collection

Inspired by the wonderfully popular Twilight Series written by our fellow Arizonan, Stephenie Meyer, here is my new "Bella Rose" collection. Each pendant has a real rose petal suspended over a shimmering amber background with a silver butterfly in the center. Symbolizing love, death, and rebirth that is paramount in her fantastic vampire romance novels, my pendants are named after the beautiful Bella Swan and they symbolize her love with the brooding, yet sweet golden-eyed vampire named Edward.

Can be purchased here.

NEW: Bella Rose Collection

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